A trip round the Bekonscot Model Railway

A few years ago, I was ‘playing trains’ in the signalbox at Bekonscot Model Village. In a quiet moment, I sellotaped a small camera on to a wagon, stuck a spare loco behind it and sent it off around the circuit. That evening, I added a few captions and uploaded it to Youtube. I think it was after I’d been to the pub, too.

Four years on, it’s had 360,000 views on Youtube. Looking back, we had no idea it would be so popular. We’d perhaps have stood some of the fallen model people up, trimmed some of the bushes and put out all of the 30+ model signals that should line the route. Perhaps it’s time to do a new one. Anyway, enjoy the drivers-eye view of Britain’s biggest model train set.

5 thoughts on “A trip round the Bekonscot Model Railway

  1. Earlier this year we loved our first visit to Bekonscot so much that we are now planning our own model village! Loved the train ride. Please do it again with a better camera. I’m sure you see yourself in the wild joy of the little ones as the train goes by. We all do that inside of course. We grew up in Ramsgate, so it was good to see the couple of houses saved.

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