The Mini Britain map: all miniature Britain in one place. But I need YOUR help


Hullo there! You’ve probably arrived here by hearing about it on BBC Local Radio, searching for model villages, or reading my witterings on Twitter.

If you have memories of a model village (especially if it’s one that’s now closed, or you’d seen in a private garden) I’d love to hear from you. I’m building a map in readiness for a book and new website documenting each of these miniature villages, but more are turning up, week after week.

Each model village reveals a fascinating story about their existence, ultimate demise and of course the wonderful imaginations of the people who created them.

Please, do get in contact:
modelvillages [at] timdunn [dot] com

Here’s a map that I’ve been working on; Can you can help me add more locations?
(I’m still trying to work out how to bugger about with this blog. Sorry it’s so clunky.)


Model Villages Map of Britain by Tim Dunn – last update 2017